Wednesday, December 7, 2016

new developments

Well i haven't posted for some time. things are kinda crazy and I currently have very little hobby time. So what I'm working on now is getting the game room up and running.

Here are a few of the recent pics, new house has a finished basement and i'm claiming this corner for the first Legion.

can't for get the trusty painting station.

Will try to keep the updates at at least once a month.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Recent Radio Silence

Well things have been pretty quite here for a while. For those who spend and mispend their time here you have been wondering what happened? well my wife had a baby girl and we bought a house, that and the after math has been taking up some time as you might imagine. In the meantime I have been working on some purchases and some batreps that should be availible soon.

Monday, March 21, 2016

The Battle for Sipho: Campaign for the Virtruvian Gate Recap

Much has transpired since the armies of the 41st Millenia set foot on Sipho...

Week 1 was a desperate batte for supremacy and the Eldar made the forces Led by Demon Prince Gorvinctus pay for their false idolatry. Meanwhile the forces of nurgle spread their plague through the frozen polar ice cap.

Week 2 saw the forces of nurgle routed, while the Bloodthirster Ashel-tartus runs rampant through the salamander lines.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Assault on Adamantine Spaceport, Eldar vs. Deamonkin

Amongst the rainforest conditions in the adamantine coast the Eldar Of Yuula-Lith led their strike team on a secret mission to reclaim the spaceport of that region, and cripple the deamonkin and Duke Mordrax.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Demonkin: Duke Mordax Baleblood

The mighty spacemarine Captain Korgan Balestrong was the leader of the Second founding Chapter the Void Rangers, sucessors to son's of Huron. When his primarch rebelled he followed the path set before him leading his brothers to many distinguiushed victories. But he secretely had always held reservations regarding the killing of innocents, for he was a principled man. Yet inpsite of his space marine brothers and initiation, he always held close ties to his clan from the Planet Illium of the Galactic south. It was during the crusade to reclaim Illium from the Angels of Absolution that he was forever changed.

Laying siege to last three hives on the planet the Void Rangers had nearly completed their conquest when the angels of absolution negotiated a hostage release as tactic to buy more time for reinforcements to arrive. Marching entire clans out of the Hive, the clan of Korgan was, marched from the Hive gate to the defensive lines of the Void Rnagers. Suddenly thunderhawks and the Dark Angel battlebarges lanced into the Void Ranger lines and the citizenry marching towards them. Korgan looked on before he flew into a berserker rage. Taking therage of his lost family and clan, he was said to begin to glow with a maleficent aura. He charged the enemy lines and although he shoud have been killed, he and his band of veterans retook the Hive city that night. His anger had made him powerfull indeed. He vowed his allegiance to Khorne and rebranded his followers the cult of the Ninth gate. For himslef he began to use the Title Mordax Baleblood, promising to his  followersand provide skull to seek vengeance to sins that can not be repaied.

and finally some cultists from the cult of nine.